"The Bloody Eighth" – Home Sweet Home

I live near and work in Washington, DC, so politics has become one of my favorite sports to watch. In case anyone back home is interested, here’s what the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza recently had to say about John Hostettler’s chances this year in my home district:

Looking at the cash-on-hand positions of Republican Rep. John Hostettler ($56,000) and Vanderburgh County Sheriff Brad Ellsworth ($533,000), this looks like a sure pick-up for Democrats. But Hostettler never raises any significant money and always pulls out a win. This southern Indiana district is decidedly conservative and seems to have taken a liking to the quirky Hostettler over the years. If Ellsworth can’t beat Hostettler in what’s expected to be a bad year for Republicans nationally, it’s likely no one can.

I sincerely hope this is the end of Hostettler as a politician. He’s not “quirky”–he’s a ruthless, gay-baiting zealot who manipulates Hoosiers’ fears and worst instincts to maintain himself in office. The Eighth deserves better.


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