Pat "the Love Doctor" Robertson

Ladies, are you single? Lonely? Looking for a godly man to submit to? I give you the dating advice of that foremost authority on love, Pat Robertson:

Q: I’m a Christian woman who would like to get married. I was always taught that the man was supposed to initiate the relationship, but I’m getting tired of waiting. Do you think men would appreciate being pursued? And is it wrong for a woman to take the initiative?

A: Well, the object is to get them to pursue you until you catch them. And the clever woman knows how to initiate something. And I’m sure I can’t explain to you feminine wiles on this program in a couple of minutes. Use the innate talents that God has given you. First of all, if you’re going to catch fish, you’ve got to go where the fish are. So you need to go where men are who are single. And there are plenty of them out there who would like to meet an attractive lady who shares their values. So go places. And don’t be reluctant to be friendly and see what happens. If a man thinks you’re chasing him, then he’s going to run. So you’ve got to let him think he’s chasing you. But, obviously, you’re going to be in control, ladies.

That’s right, girls. This isn’t an exercise is getting to know someone and making a deep connection. This is an intricate game of strategery. So get out there and use those feminine wiles, but don’t let him see it coming!


2 responses to “Pat "the Love Doctor" Robertson

  1. Wow. I’m impressed you read that far down the page. The reward for your sticktoitiveness is a blog post of which I’m quite jealous. That’s excellent!

  2. Ever read “The Rules”? My friends and I used to laugh hysterically over that when we were in high school. Ironically (or perhaps predictably) both authors are divorced now.

    “Perhaps you’re thinking that this is too old-fashioned, or not a good way of building a relationship. If so, ask yourself one simple question: am I married?

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