NEWS FLASH: Whiny Homosexuals Not Satisfied With Being "Tolerated"

This just in from the Southern Baptist Conference Newsroom – homosexuals aren’t satisfied with simply having their sinful, disordered existence tolerated:

Once upon a time, homosexual activists claimed they simply wanted to be tolerated. “Live and let live” was their mantra.

But today, only the most strident activists would deny that homosexuality is accepted in America. Homosexuals are represented in every strata of society. If their goal was simply toleration, it has been achieved.

However, toleration for homosexuality was never the end for activists; it was only a stepping stone. Their real goal is equality. Homosexual activists will not be satisfied until their behavior is validated and valued as equivalent with heterosexuality.

Come on! Christians have stopped stoning gay people or burning them at the stake. What more do they want? A television show about a pretty straight girl, her gay roommate and their flamboyant friend? WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT JUST ENDED AFTER 8 SEASONS!?!

Anyway, these “homosexual activists” will stop at nothing to achieve equality with the heterosexual race – er – I mean, heterosexuality. How are they pursuing this goal, you ask? How else? They’re targeting America’s schools!

In April, parents in Lexington, Mass., complained because their second-grade son was read a fantasy book about two princes who get “married.” When they contacted the school, they were told that because “same-sex marriage” is legal in Massachusetts, parents cannot opt out a child from such experiences. An administrator explained that the school was “committed to teaching children about the world they live in.”

The Massachusetts incident, while the most recent, is not isolated. Over the past few years there have been other reports of teachers introducing “homosexual marriage” to young children.

Scandalous. Next thing you know, we’ll be teaching kids that women can vote just because the damned 19th Amendment says so!

Don’t be fooled by those hippie tolerance peaceniks who say this isn’t any big deal. The future of man hangs in the balance!

Someone once said, “He who controls the youth, controls the future.” Homosexual activists want a future that not only validates their behavior but also equates it with heterosexuality. And they are going to try and manipulate America’s children to get it.

Sobering stuff indeed. Thank goodness Christian groups would never manipulate young people to indoctrinate kids into their views on sexuality.


2 responses to “NEWS FLASH: Whiny Homosexuals Not Satisfied With Being "Tolerated"

  1. Why don’t the right wing Christians do something useful like feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, etc? You know, the stuff Jesus told us to do, and quit being afraid of gay folks.

    The thing driving this must be fear and ignorance. Don’t they realize that there have always been gay people, and there always will be.

    Come on, show your Christian: Love one another!

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