Last Gasp of the Dinosaurs

The Senate will likely vote this week on the Federal Marriage Amendment, and it will most certainly fail. Both sides will spin the margin of defeat as a victory, and the country will move on to its next issue of vital non-importance — flag burning.

The FMA, and the state versions that actually have passed, are the “last gasp of the dinosaurs.” Those who would keep gay Americans closeted, oppressed and out of sight are losing in the culture at large, plain and simple. My generation is far more tolerant that those before, and signs are good that Generation Y may consider sexual orientation to be nearly irrelevant. The day will come when gay Americans are permitted to live freely, marry and raise families, just like everyone else. I can’t say when it will happen, but it will.

In the meantime, those whose religious, moral or cynical political views demand that marriage remain a strictly heterosexual union are fighting with all of their might; a cornered animal lashing out in a vain attempt at survival. Their tactics are divisive, hurtful, and so lacking in Christian spirit as to be blasphemous. But they will not prevail in the long run.

I say all this not to encourage a false patience or discourage brave efforts to advance the equality of all Americans. My message is simple: do not dispair. History will be picking over the fossils of this flawed ideology soon enough.


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