"The Decider" Goes AWOL

After calling his senior advisors together to discuss stategery in Iraq, the Shrub goes AWOL after ONE DAY to fly to Baghdad for a grip-and-grin with the new PM. WTF?! Bush reportedly “slipped out” without telling anyone but his closest advisors of the trip.

Wow, that must have been some power-decidering on Monday. Glad to hear he’s engaged in figuring out how to fix the mess his fucked-up policies have spent the last 3+ years creating. No doubt he’ll need a few weeks clearing brush and bike riding in Crawford after this marathon of statesmanship.


2 responses to “"The Decider" Goes AWOL

  1. Yeah, wasn’t he going to come up with another plan? And don’t forget, there was that pretty one (nice cover) at some point last year.

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