You’ll watch "7th Heaven" reruns and you’ll like it!

Der Pres signed legislation today increasing ten-fold the maximum fines for indecency on broadcast television or radio.

Proving once again that Republicans are best at putting other people’s money where their mouths are, a House subcommittee voted last week to drastically slash funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting — the folks who bring you PBS, NPR, and the wealth of family-friendly content that those organizations provide. The subcommittee’s move would eliminate all funding for CPB in two years.

Thinking back, I realized today that the GOP has been targeting public broadcasting — one of the most cost-effective public goods in existence — since I was a studying telecommunications in college some 10 years ago. Just like gay marriage and flag burning, attacks on public broadcasting are one of those perennials that has bloomed every election year since 1994. Contact your Reps and Senators and tell them to let it die on the vine once again.


One response to “You’ll watch "7th Heaven" reruns and you’ll like it!

  1. I’ve blogged several times about the FCC and their fines. It’s quite infuriating! All because of Janet Jackson’s boob.

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