Miles O’Brien Is A Tool

Today is moving day in the Midwestern Household, and I’ve had CNN on all morning. I just have to say — Miles O’Brien has got to be one of the biggest tools on television. He makes jokes at inappropriate times, is a borderline misogynist, and generally conducts himself with the same smirking swagger that makes me loathe GWB. He’s too cute by half for my taste. Just read the news, jerk off.


2 responses to “Miles O’Brien Is A Tool

  1. Amen to that. I just googled “Miles O’Brien is a Tool” and found your post. So glad someone else thinks so. I don’t know what his space/aviation background is, but he gets so hyperactive whenever he gets to talk about a plane crash or the space shuttle that I want to puke!

  2. I agree completely about Miles O’brien. The size of his smirk is only eclipsed by his ego. I’m not sure why he even conducts interviews since he appears to believe he already knows everything.

    – John G.

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