J-I-N-G-O, and JINGO was his name-o!

 jingo (n.) [jing-oh] 1.  a person who professes his or her patriotism loudly and excessively, favoring vigilant preparedness for war and an aggressive foreign policy; bellicose chauvinist; 2.  a charming series of educational children’s games from the Gary Grimm & Associates of Carthage, IL.

The back of the box tells us, “JINGO is played just like bingo, but pictures replace numbers on the player’s card.”  Yeah, that sounds about right.  Numbers are for ferners.

To be fair, the unfortunate conjunction of I Love America J-I-N-G-O appears to be a mere fluke.  There are many educational varieties of JINGO on offer, from Thanksgiving JINGO to Space JINGO to state-by-state JINGO games.  There is even American Women JINGO, Famous African Americans JINGO, and Bible and Hanukkah JINGO.  That does not, however, prevent this from being extremely funny! 


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