Time to take the gloves off?

boxer.gif   I’m normally a stickler for principle.  Take the high road and all that stuff.  But the Bush Administration’s contempt for government accountability and the rule of law has got me thinking perhaps its time to the Democrats to get nasty and do what’s necessary to bring King George to heel.  Dahlia Lithwick has a good piece on Slate today describing how former White House aide Sara Taylor “played Congress like a harp” during her non-testimony.  Harriet Miers didn’t even show up for her testimony, leading Dems to consider contempt proceedings.

I propose a simpler solution — take Bush up on his offer to conduct closed-door interviews of Taylor and Miers without transcripts, and at the conclusion of the meeting, politely shake hands, walk into the hallway, and tell the press every damning thing that was said.  What he’s going to do, arrest them?  Sue them?  Refuse to cooperat…well, you get the picture.

C’mon, Dems.  I’m all for integrity, but once in a while, you have to get your hands dirty.


4 responses to “Time to take the gloves off?

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  2. Along similar lines, I’ve felt all along that the Democrats should accept the offer, bug the room where the “interviews” take place, and then post the interviews on the ‘net, with transcripts.

  3. Also, glad to see a new post! You should do so more often!

  4. Thanks, PS! I’ve been struggling a bit lately to find time for blogging. Hopefully I can get into a better rhythm soon!

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