1983 called. It wants its boogeyman back.

Big Daddy Dobson is taking the WaPo to task for stating that he has praised the Harry Potter books.  Today Focus on the (Heterosexual, Christian) Family put out a statement clarifying:

This is the exact opposite of Dr. Dobson’s opinion — in fact, he said a few years ago on his daily radio broadcast that “We have spoken out strongly against all of the Harry Potter products.” His rationale for that statement: Magical characters — witches, wizards, ghosts, goblins, werewolves, poltergeists and so on — fill the Harry Potter stories, and given the trend toward witchcraft and New Age ideology in the larger culture, it’s difficult to ignore the effects such stories (albeit imaginary) might have on young, impressionable minds.

Thank goodness Daddy’s here to check the “trend toward witchcraft” in America. I mean, don’t you remember back in the late 70s and early 80s when rock bands were encouraging the idea that they might dabble in the Occult? Kids started worshipping Satan and sacrificing their virgin friends by the truckload, didn’t they? I mean, there was a huge ruckus, surely there were at least dead goats turning up everywhere. No? But Tipper Gore got involved for pete’s sake!

Wow, opposing Harry Potter because it encourages witchcraft. I’m just speechless.


One response to “1983 called. It wants its boogeyman back.

  1. If you think Dobson’s nutty, check this out.

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