You are not alone!

This is so spot-on brilliant, I’m beside myself.  A relatively new organization calling itself FreeThoughtAction has erected a billboard outside New York City on the New Jersey Turnpike:

FreeThoughtAction Billboard

I love the message — “Don’t Believe In God?  You are not alone.”  It’s a positive message that many unbelievers need to hear.  And it’s difficult for the religious to assail with any semblance of credibility – it’s not “angry”, “mean”, or any of the other epithets the oh-so-sensitive purveyors of religious bigotry and hatred like to sling at freethinkers.  Ah, but that assumes the religious argue only when they have a valid argument.  Silly atheist…

(BTW, FreeThoughtAction has an awesome fundraising slogan: “Every God-damned dollar goes to advertising!”) 

This joins the other billboards placed into rotation around the country by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which read “Beware of Dogma” and “Imagine No Religion.”

Public billboards promoting freethinking and atheism are a huge step forward for unbelievers in America.  We’re constantly bombarded with Christian advertising (a billboard near my home declares “Jesus Christ is the ONLY Lord and Savior”), but it’s difficult to get a freethought message out into the public.  By placing high-profile, visible messages of unbelief on the highways, I hope these organizations will help more individuals feel comfortable enough in their unbelief to “come out” and get involved.


2 responses to “You are not alone!

  1. Hello Midwestern Gentleman.

    Just came across your blog and your post about our billboard. Thanks for all the kind words. We’re proud to be in this with you. If fellow freethinkers like what we’re doing and support the effort this will be just the first of many billboards.

    Keep up the good work on y0ur end too. The tide is turning!


  2. Jan,

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I’ll be adding a banner link to FTA on my sidebar, and you can definitely expect a donation!


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