MySpace Discriminates Against Atheists

According to the Secular Student Alliance, social networking site MySpace, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Coporation, has deleted the Atheist and Agnostic Group from that site.  This is apparently not the first time MySpace has deleted this particular group, and not the only atheist group to be targeted.  Some godless bloggers have decided to tie this event to the previously declared International Delete Your MySpace Account Day on January 30.  I’m not a MySpace member, but if I was, you could be damn sure I wouldn’t be a user anymore.

Guess this puts a recently spotted piece of Christian flotsam into perspective:



One response to “MySpace Discriminates Against Atheists

  1. MySpace can chew it. That whole site is nothing but a soft porn feed to kids who already have enough running through their little weiners and brains.. Would it surprise you they are opposed to rational thought??

    I have 4 MySpace accounts. They help me keep up with some old friends, but admittedly, that’s something I could do anyways. I’m constantly debating with MySelf over MySpace! Arggg!

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