Atheist Billboard Rises Over Philadelphia

A coalition of freethought, humanist and atheist organizations calling itself the Greater Philadelphia Coalition of Reason has erected a billboard on I-95 North in the northeast portion of Philly.  Mrs. MG and I saw it for the first time Saturday while in the car with Mrs. MG’s mother, an erstwhile Catholic.

Feelin\' the brotherly love for unbelievers.

Readers may recognize the design as that erected outside New York City by FreeThought Action.  As stated in a post on that billboard, I love the whole concept of this design, and of public displays of positive freethought ideas generally.

Head on over to PhillyCOR’s website and check out the organizations participating.


6 responses to “Atheist Billboard Rises Over Philadelphia

  1. The Holly Fawder has a lot to say about them atheists. Surf to: and check it out.

  2. What a georgeous billboard! I want one!

  3. How much did they have to spend for the advertisment?

  4. I just saw an article that says it cost $22,500 for a three-month run. It’s in a prime location on I-95, so I’d say that’s probably at the high end of billboard rates.

  5. Discovering that there are no gods is a slow learning process. Most of us are brainwashed at a very young age into believing in a god mainly because our parents believed in that particular god. If you are born in India, you believe in Indian gods. If you are born in the US, you believe in Christian gods. As we become educated about religion, questions inevitably arise about its veracity. We are taught stories like Noah’s Ark and Jonah and the Whale. As a child, I am sure you asked the obvious questions like, “how did they get all those animals on that boat”, and, “what did they feed the tigers”. And we were given answers that appeased the curiosity of eight-year olds. Yet, these questions persist. Years pass and eventually, some of us reach a point where we say to ourselves, “I am going to get to the bottom of this religious thing.” So we do a little digging to try to figure it out. And one day you finally step back and see the big picture; you apply logic and reason to the analysis. It is then that you finally realize that religion is the most elaborate fraud ever perpetrated on humankind. If you are someone that is questioning your religion, please take a moment to watch this video on youtube. It is a simple video but it will get you thinking about religion in a different and positive way. You can find the video here.

  6. я так считаю: благодарю!!

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