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But do they “lighten up”? Get it?!

Chill Out

I saw this in Danville, MD on my way home from a business trip yesterday.  Makes me think the pastor’s kid got mouthy one too many times.


Godless funnies

Funny items from the November issue of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Freethought Today.  Click to expand.



Tell it like it is, Kringle


Via Pharyngula.

The best comment in the thread:

I love it. I was having a discussion with a friend about the pros and cons of teaching children to believe in Santa. She was for it, said it would “teach them to believe in things.” At first I was against, saying it teaches them that the things their elders tell them to believe turn out to be lies. Then I realized what I just said. Now I’m all for it.

Safety Ladder to Heaven?

Living in a three-story row house, Mrs. MG and I recently decided it was time to invest in a fire escape ladder in case we ever became trapped on the top floor. Imagine my surprise when I saw this printed on the outside of the box:

ladder box

And I thought it was only good for escaping fires in this world!

A bonnie time

The Gent and Mrs. MG recently returned from a short trip to lovely Scotland. The politeness and tact of Brits and Scots is remarkable and charming . . . and ends abruptly when they post signs.  For your pleasure, a few not-so-subtle messages from the UK.

Elderly People

This was posted just outside a Scotch whiskey distillery.  The only thing that could be better is if they had little “drunk bubbles” around the old folks.

water safety

Alright, alright, I’ll wear the damn lifejacket.  Geez.

danger of death

Just in case “Danger of Death” wasn’t strong enough, here’s a dead guy being fried by a bolt of lightning.  Do you get it now, wanker?

More, prettier holiday snaps to follow in the next couple of days.